Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Use of Internet Slang

This video will show to some of the example of internet slang that usually used by the people in social network .

This is the link of the internet slang dictionary & text slang translator.


>> What will happened if the people or student keep using the internet slang in their life ? Is it give any effect ?


  1. That was call Slang...
    I never know what is Slang...
    Tq to owner of this blog..
    Because share the new words that people use in Social network..

  2. Slang is varieties, it wont really affect ur daily life instead of looking on the negative side of usage of slang why won't look at it as creativity, of course there are bad and a good side of every matters in this world but c'mon our life is too short too criticize EVERYTHING in the world eh ? just have fun =)

  3. jie, this word are same as our sms language, but these word are more short than our words .. but i prefer this word cannot use in our daily life cause it will take effect on our language too, but these slang words more than bad words other than +ve words aight ? so it shouldn't be use it i think ..