Saturday, March 31, 2012

What happened if our web browser is not secure ?

Do you know what is WEB BROWSER?
There are some example of web browser which are :-

and many more. 

Why we need to secure our web browser?
Not securing the web browser will lead to many and variety of computer problem that caused by spyware which is installed without you realize it, so the the intruders can take control of your computer !

What is SPYWARE?

What happened if the spyware get into your computer?
Once the spyware installed to your computer, it can cause your browser or computer to lock up or crash. It also can capture passwords and credit card information to send to identity thieves and card criminals !

How to prevent the spyware?
  1. Don't open e-mail attachments from anyone you don't trust.
  2.  Scan attachments with an antivirus tool before opening attachments from people you do trust
  3.  Use a spyware-monitoring tool.
  4. Adjust your browser's internet settings to High, or set it so only trusted sites are allowed to use

It is IMPORTANT to you to secure your web browser in order to prevent your computer from INTRUDERS !

Thursday, March 01, 2012

E-Learning or Virtual Learning ?

what type of learning more effective ?

If I can choose, I prefer to use ELECTRONIC LEARNING or E-LEARNING rather than using VIRTUAL LEARNING environment. In my opinion, this type of learning not only gives the BENEFITS to the students, but also to the INSTRUCTOR or LECTURER. But how?

  1. I believe that many student will get sleepy when the LECTURER or INSTRUCTOR ask them to open the text book. Am I right? But using E-Learning, the method of teaching become more interactive. So, it indirectly can attract the student to learn !

  2. The lecturers also can get MORE AND MORE INFORMATION from the net! So, they can varying the ideas when they are teaching !

  3. Interaction between students and lecturers become more appropriate. When students are sharing their problems with teachers, since it’s not face to face they fear less and can ask their problems freely. For example, the student can ask or discuss about their problem through the Instant Messaging (IM) with their lecturers !

However, E-learning also has its own benefits and limitations well as pros and cons ! So, all you need to do is ..USE IT WISELY :)


have you involve in any one of this type of learning (e-learning and virtual learning) and which type of learning do you prefer ?