Thursday, March 01, 2012

E-Learning or Virtual Learning ?

what type of learning more effective ?

If I can choose, I prefer to use ELECTRONIC LEARNING or E-LEARNING rather than using VIRTUAL LEARNING environment. In my opinion, this type of learning not only gives the BENEFITS to the students, but also to the INSTRUCTOR or LECTURER. But how?

  1. I believe that many student will get sleepy when the LECTURER or INSTRUCTOR ask them to open the text book. Am I right? But using E-Learning, the method of teaching become more interactive. So, it indirectly can attract the student to learn !

  2. The lecturers also can get MORE AND MORE INFORMATION from the net! So, they can varying the ideas when they are teaching !

  3. Interaction between students and lecturers become more appropriate. When students are sharing their problems with teachers, since it’s not face to face they fear less and can ask their problems freely. For example, the student can ask or discuss about their problem through the Instant Messaging (IM) with their lecturers !

However, E-learning also has its own benefits and limitations well as pros and cons ! So, all you need to do is ..USE IT WISELY :)


have you involve in any one of this type of learning (e-learning and virtual learning) and which type of learning do you prefer ?


  1. Both are good methods. It depends on the students, which method that they like to use in their learning process.

  2. Just sharing here , do we realized that virtual learning a.k.a distance learning system (using webcam, mic and broadband) has been implemented in Malaysia such as Open University ? yeah. that's right. It's open course which they believe in open education for everyone. I believe the system will be implemented in more universities in near time. Me myself i've enrolled into this course called Cert. in Strategic Business Planning by OU (even tho imma student from other university ashly).

    Well, it should be a good practice but the drawbacks is in terms of regulations and discipline, sorry for being stereotyping despite the fact that we are one step further than any other Asian region but our discipline still not achieved the minimum standard of implementing this kind of system just yet.

    For example, how well can you control the student from being disrupted by other app ? Is the system have the abilities to control TCP/IP from specific MAC address to block the student from accessing irrelevant sites during lecture ?

    In my experience, i'm a student in a fully ICT environment college which we are allowed to use any gadgets during lectures and tutorials , yes i can get information easily anytime on any subject but distraction still there like Angry Birds, Plant vs Zombie =) somehow student just can't avoid it.

    So virtual learning or e-learning ? i prefer traditional way of learning. For me, You can't replace books with e-books so were classroom with chatroom :)