Saturday, March 31, 2012

What happened if our web browser is not secure ?

Do you know what is WEB BROWSER?
There are some example of web browser which are :-

and many more. 

Why we need to secure our web browser?
Not securing the web browser will lead to many and variety of computer problem that caused by spyware which is installed without you realize it, so the the intruders can take control of your computer !

What is SPYWARE?

What happened if the spyware get into your computer?
Once the spyware installed to your computer, it can cause your browser or computer to lock up or crash. It also can capture passwords and credit card information to send to identity thieves and card criminals !

How to prevent the spyware?
  1. Don't open e-mail attachments from anyone you don't trust.
  2.  Scan attachments with an antivirus tool before opening attachments from people you do trust
  3.  Use a spyware-monitoring tool.
  4. Adjust your browser's internet settings to High, or set it so only trusted sites are allowed to use

It is IMPORTANT to you to secure your web browser in order to prevent your computer from INTRUDERS !

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  1. Use addon like popup blocker might help you minimizing the risk of getting adware and spyware as well, make sure your AV is up to date and frequent scan your HDD might help as well.

    Oh yeah, Anonymous browsing function is there for some reason, make a good paratice by using (private browsing) function on a public network such as airport and to do banking or e-commerce , it's even better if you have your own account of Virtual Private Tunneling and use it every time you are on shared network